Nature Park De Meinweg

National park De Meinweg is located east of Roermond, is enclosed on three sides by Germany and is part of the German-Dutch border park Maas-Swalm-Nette.De Meinweg is the only area where the viper still occurs,

The Meinweg has an area of ??approximately 1,800 ha.
In the Meinweg area, forests, heaths, fens and stream valleys provide a varied landscape.

De Meinweg is the only area where the viper still occurs,which is why the viper appears in the Meinweg logo. You will also find wild boars, foxes, polecats, stone martens and ermines. 110 species of birds have been observed, including cranes.

Various walking and cycling routes have been set out on the Meinweg. You will also find various riding routes.
You can find information about these routes at the various VVV shops.

Contact and location

Nationaal Park De Meinweg
Meinweg 2
6075 NA