Fortified town ofStevensweert


The Island in the Meuse (Maas River)

Together with Ohé and Laak, Stevensweert forms the 'Island in the Meuse', an island formed by two (former) arms of the river Meuse. The main stream of the river Meuse, on which Stevensweert is located, forms the natural marking of the border with Belgium.

Fortified town and fortifications

During the Eighty Years' War in 1633, the original village of Stevensweert was converted into a fortified town by the Spaniards. A rampart with seven bastions and five ravelins was constructed. The fortress can still be recognized in the unique street pattern of the town. When visiting Stevensweert, make sure to visit the Regional museum Stevensweert-Ohé en laak for more information.

Upon the initiative of the cultural-historical association Amici Insulae, three wall paintings, also known as murals, were created in Stevensweert. The association aimed to make the rich history of the town visible to tourists and residents.

For this monumental task, the renowned Dutch graffiti and mural artist Marcus Debie, also known as GOMAD, was enlisted.

The mural on the side façade of the building belonging to the shooting company St. Rochus was the first to be applied, featuring a shooting theme. Subsequently, the Battle of Stevensweert from 1702 was immortalized on a wall of fortifications. As a third piece, a painting will be added to a historic building on Molenstraat Noord, referencing the Hompesche Mill and the dredging works around the Island in the Maas.


Sights in Stevensweert

A few minutes from the ancient city centre of Stevensweert, you'll find the Hompesche Molen (Ancient Dutch Windmill). This mill dating from 1722 is the highest mill in Limburg. The nearby Molenplas with its petrified trees is a lovely place to walk. Right next to the ferry across the Maas is the Walburg castle domain. From the 10-metre high watchtower you have a wonderful view!

Guided tours, city walks and cycling tours

Every first Sunday of the month, you can take part in a themed walk led by a Tourist Guide. In addition, guided tours for groups are possible throughout the year.