Limburg Remembers

Military and Dutch girl celebrate liberation - Limburg Remembers

Commemoration in Limburg

Limburg has a rich history when it comes to World War II. During the war, many people suffered under occupation and fought for their freedom. Every year, several commemorations are organised in Limburg to remember the victims of the war and reflect on the events that took place. Through these commemorations, the memory of World War II in Limburg remains alive and the stories are not forgotten.

Liberation Route Europe

The Liberation Route Europe is an international project set up to commemorate the liberation of Europe during World War II. The route crosses several countries and follows the main events and locations that played a role during the last years of the war and the liberation of Europe. The route consists of a network of hiking and cycling routes, monuments, audio spots, museums and other places of interest. By connecting these different elements, Liberation Route Europe offers a unique and diverse experience for anyone interested in the history of World War II.

Liberation Route Europe

Exhibition of the opening of the Liberation Route Europe

Liberation Route audio spots

Several Liberation Route audio spots can be found in Limburg, where visitors can listen to impressive stories and personal testimonies of both civilians and soldiers who were involved in the liberation of Limburg. At these audio spots, visitors get a unique insight into the hardships and heroism of the people involved in the liberation of Limburg and the rest of Europe.

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Man reads the story of the Liberation Route audio spot Weert on the plaque on the Meuse Boulder

The Hiking Trail

The Liberation Route Hiking Trail is a hiking route that is part of the Liberation Route Europe. The route follows in the footsteps of the Allies, passing important sites and events that played a role during World War II and the liberation. Along the way, you pass various monuments, museums and other sights. Walking the Liberation Route Hiking Trail is not only a physical challenge, but also a unique way to learn more about the history of the liberation of Europe.

The Liberation Route Hiking Trail

Official opening of the Liberation Route Hiking Trail in Mesch


Stolpersteine are small memorial stones placed in front of the homes of victims of the Holocaust. The initiative for the Stolpersteine came from German artist Gunter Demnig. More than 75,000 stones have since been placed in various countries in Europe. In Limburg, more than 1,500 of these stones have now been placed, spread across various towns and villages. These stones commemorate the people who lived here and who were deported and murdered during World War II.

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The five Stolpersteine in memory of the Hiegentlich family in front of Markt 17 in Roermond

Liberation Festival Limburg

Every year on 5 May, the Dutch celebrate their freedom. Not only do they celebrate the liberationof WWII that day, but they also commemorate the fact that freedom cannot be taken for granted. The Liberation Festival Limburg traditionally takes place in Roermond. The festival programme consists of various activities, including musical performances, theatre and dance performances, lectures and workshops. Every year, the festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over Limburg. It is a festive day celebrating the connection and freedom we share as a society.

Liberation Festival Limburg

Liberation Festival Limburg 2022 at the Arlo grounds