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Hiking trial de Groote Peel
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National Park de Groote Peel

National Park de Groote Peel is a contiguous nature reserve of 1400 hectares. In 1993, this nature area was designated as a National Park. This area is known for its many bird species and special history.

De Groote Peel

De Groote Peel is the only area in Limburg that has been designated an internationally recognised 'wetland' because of its great importance for water birds. A wetland is a protected wetland of great importance for nature. This area also has many different types of landscape. There are marshes, ponds, heathland and forests. For hikers, it is a very beautiful and varied nature area.


This nature reserve was created when the ice north of the Netherlands began to melt. The land became wetter because the water could not drain away due to historically closed drainage channels. The plants died and at some point reached the surface of the water: this is what is known as low moor. Peat has also been extracted from the Groote Peel. The history of this can still be seen in the large water lakes, the small peat pits, the peel tracks and the peel canals.

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