Recreational lake Isabellagriend

The Maasplas de Isabellagriend is situated near a naturist beach. People have been swimming naked here for more than forty years. The Isabellagriend has been designated as an official nude beach by the municipality of Roermond.

It is a popular naturist area that attracts many Dutch people in particular. There are also a few Germans and Belgians. The area where you can walk around naked is 9 hectares. Do not walk around naked outside the area, you can get a fine. The water area is 20 hectares. This naturist beach is managed by the Naturisme Isabellagriend foundation.

This lake is grassy and sheltered.  It is easily accessible by public transport and has a free entrance. Parking is available less than 1 km from the beach. This nude beach is also suitable for children and the disabled. You can also moor your boat at a jetty on the south side to enjoy the beach.

Wheelchair accessible
Boating permitted
Parking available

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