Franciscus Hospice

The Franciscus Hospice building is surrounded by a beautiful garden.

The Franciscus Hospice is an initiative of the Foundation Respect for Life. In a home replacement environment, dying people and their loved ones receive loving and expert help. Since 2000, many volunteers and various organisations have worked hard on the realization of the Franciscus Hospice. The hospice has a park-like garden with a clay pit.
The first stones of the town of Weert are expected to have been baked here. In 2003 an old yew had to make way for the expansion of the hospice. After sawing off the rear main trunk, it turned out that the tree was more than 170 years old, so planted around 1833. Out of respect for living nature, the new building was adapted to this remaining monumental tree. Symbolically, the building rests on the sawn-off dead trunk, while the other main trunk still exudes plenty of life.

Contact and location

Franciscus Hospice
Doolhofstraat 14
6001 XZ