Castle De Keverberg
Castle de Keverberg
Kids castle
Castle de Keverberg

Kasteel De Keverberg

Castle De Keverberg, the most modern castle in the Netherlands, a fantastic location for a day full of history, adventure and architecture. Book your ticket online, click on the blue button.

A nice day out at castle De Keverberg in Kessel. Kessel is a village with a rich history. The picturesque market square, the narrow streets, monumental buildings and stately farmhouses take you back to the past. Many sights can be explored on foot or by bike, like the Castle De Keverberg.

Castle De Keverberg is not to be missed! The striking castle towers high above the historic centre of the village. The more than thousand year old castle was rebuilt a few years ago from a ruin into the most modern castle in the Netherlands. A unique building where past and present meet. You are welcome to view this special castle inside and out.

A visit to the castle can also be combined with a fun activity: how about Code Keverberg or the Secret of the Baron, two fun interactive treasure hunts in and around the castle! During the summer holidays there are several extra activities. King Walram visits our castle for a few days to entertain the children with an exciting story and tour through his castle! There are also fun craft activities and you can explore the castle yourself with the digital tour on the IZI app.

The Maasterras and in less beautiful weather the covered courtyard, are always free for a cup of coffee with Limburg flan or a delicious glass of wine! In short, enough ingredients for a pleasant day out.  

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